Monday, October 28, 2013

My Day

Today was a good day.

Didn't do much. Had my green juice for breakfast. Then went to my doctors appointment. Put on pain meds. My father in law drove me to get my prescription and I walked home (1/2 mile) . Stopped in GNC and looked around. I did buy a protein bar made by AboutTime. The flavor was Pecan Pie. It tasted okay I could only eat one bite.
For some reason I never eat a while bar. I also bought a protein shake from Rite Aid, it tasted great. 50g of protein and no sugar. I manly drank half because I wanted to save the rest for breakfast.

For dinner I ate some greens (homemade)  I cut them myself and boiled them for about 4 hours. They were great.

Welp it now my bedtime but I need to edit some videos I took today. They will be up in the morning.

Good Night