Friday, December 13, 2013

Middle if the Ight

As you can see its 1am. My daughter will not get out of our beds. She is 11 years old. The biggest baby I have. Gotta love her. She is staunch at me while I write this so I better not say anything mean. But her breath does stink a little. Her hot breath is blowing on my arm.

Monday, December 2, 2013

This is what I bought from a local flea market. Its the 7 Day Fast Loss Kit from GNC.GNC Total Lean™ 7 Day Fast Loss Kit


The WINNER of the Yarn Giveaway is Carol aka Cherokee Beadwoman.

You can check out her channel here.

Please do not fret another one is in the works.

Car Troubles

So I am sitting in Jiffy Lube. I got an oil change the other day (and of course they found things wrong)  I have tons of work to get done. Coolant leak, power steering leak, and a dry rotted belt.

All of these are costly repairs. I only have $300 to get what I can fixed. Hopefully it can get most of these things done.

I just recently got my car back on the road because I needed to change my.tags (moved to another state). That meant tags and insurance and lets not forget that dreadful inspection. But I digress and move on. 

Why is this happening to me. Uggh. I am not rich I am just barely making it. Luckily for my husband who does the best he can and my dear baby brother who helps me out.

I am better now, just had to get that out. But today I am here for them to change my belt. It's going to cost $74.99 for the part and install. Not much but that is digging into my budget.

Well I will update later with the final results.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Library Time

The kids have arts and crafts tonight. So I'm making more head bands. This one is purple.

Weigh In

So I weighed in today. As you can see I am 152 pounds. That is on the high side for me. I have to get back down to 150.