Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ending my Night

Its 635 and I am winding down to get ready for the school week. I work in the home so I'm a little flexible.

I will begin the 5 day pouch test tomorrow. I will be posting a video tonight for my Facebook group.

Ashley has a field trip tomorrow, that means packing a lunch don't forget the snacks. She actually has a lunchable with water. And her birthday is Saturday.

Erica is a preteen and that means she has her closed picked out but that will change the moment its time to leave the house.

Andre will put on whatever he thinks is clean. Well sometimes. He is the easiest to get ready when he can find his shoes.

Erin well she is the baby and can do no wrong. Did I mention she is teething.

Whelps that's all for now and my crazy life.