Monday, December 2, 2013

Car Troubles

So I am sitting in Jiffy Lube. I got an oil change the other day (and of course they found things wrong)  I have tons of work to get done. Coolant leak, power steering leak, and a dry rotted belt.

All of these are costly repairs. I only have $300 to get what I can fixed. Hopefully it can get most of these things done.

I just recently got my car back on the road because I needed to change my.tags (moved to another state). That meant tags and insurance and lets not forget that dreadful inspection. But I digress and move on. 

Why is this happening to me. Uggh. I am not rich I am just barely making it. Luckily for my husband who does the best he can and my dear baby brother who helps me out.

I am better now, just had to get that out. But today I am here for them to change my belt. It's going to cost $74.99 for the part and install. Not much but that is digging into my budget.

Well I will update later with the final results.